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DEESTONE PAYAK 265/65 R17 [2022]

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Pattern Payak 007 R601
Tyre Size 265/65 R17
Width 265
Height 65
Rim 17
Load Index 112H
Year 2022
Origin Thailand
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Specs Code/Value Description
Section width 265 (mm) The distance between the outside of a tire sidewalls, not including any lettering or designs.
Aspect ratio 65 (percentage) The aspect ratio determines the height of the sidewall and is a percentage of the section width.
Construction R (Radial) Radial construction tire.
Rim diameter 17 (inch) Diameter of rim seat supporting the tire bead.
Load index 112 (1120kg/2470lbs) Maximum load each tire is designed to carry when inflated to the recommended pressure.
Speed Rating T (190km/h/118mph) Maximum speed at which a tire can roll with the load indicated in its load index.
Load range SL (4 ply) Maximum load capacity the tire is engineered to handle at certain inflation pressures. It also define the tire toughness and the strength of the sidewall.
TL/TT TL (Tubeless) Tire specifically designed for fitting to appropriate wheel rims without an inner tube.
Manufacturer part number 0242060370083202649 Alpha-numeric designation assigned by a manufacturer to uniquely identify a tire product.